Our Products

At Sinoir, we offer a diverse range of products, catering to various applications like fluid transport, construction, fire fighting, and steel fabrication. Our commitment is to provide comprehensive steel solutions tailored to each client's unique project needs.

Carbon Steel Pipe

Durable and versatile pipes used for structural and fluid transport applications.

Large-Bore Steel Pipe

Spacious pipes ideal for high-volume fluid transfer and industrial applications.

Steel Beams

Strong, supportive structures commonly used in construction and architecture.

Pipe Fittings

Essential components for connecting and securing piping systems in various configurations.

Steel Coils

Flexible, rolled steel used for a wide range of manufacturing and construction purposes.


Critical devices for controlling the flow and pressure of liquids and gases in piping systems.

A Benefit / Feature

The Backbone of Every Build.

At Sinoir, we are not just suppliers; we are committed partners in your project’s success, ensuring every requirement is met with excellence.


We import high-quality steel products from reputable suppliers in China, Korea, and Vietnam, known for their balance of reasonable pricing and good quality.

We have established strong relationships with reliable  suppliers, enabling us to consistently offer quality steel products while maintaining competitive prices.

We maintain a robust stock of approximately 2000 tons in our warehouse, ensuring we can offer fast delivery for a wide range of our steel products.

Absolutely, our in-house workshop is fully equipped to handle a variety of fabrication works, allowing us to modify or customize steel products as per your project requirements.

Our MOQ varies depending on the specific product and requirements. We aim to be flexible and accommodating to our clients’ needs. Please contact us for more detailed information on MOQ for your specific order.

Client Testimonials

"Sinoir Steel's exceptional quality and tailored solutions significantly enhanced our project's integrity and delivery speed. A truly reliable team."
John Smith
Project Manager
"Impressive inventory, prompt service, and commendable sustainability efforts make Sinoir Steel our go-to supplier for all steel needs."
Michael Lee
Chief Engineer
"Unmatched knowledge and dedication to customer satisfaction at Sinoir make them an essential partner for our business growth."
Sarah Tan
Sourcing Director

The Expertise You Can Rely on

Sinoir is the ultimate expert in the industry, providing unparalleled quality and service that clients can always depend on for exceptional solutions and results.